Console Sidescroller

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Console Sidescroller

        This is a quirky little game I made in programming class one day when I was bored. It is fairly simple and has four levels, though you can add more if you'd like. Level creation is fairly easy, just open one of the lvl files to see the format. The first line contains the level's height, followed by the coordinates of each monster separated by a /. All of the lines must be of the same length in order for the game to work properly.

There are many holes you can fall down, and many enemies that would love to eat you throughout each level. Your goal is to reach the flagpole alive.

The controls are simple: move left and right with the cursor keys, and press spacebar to jump. Enjoy!

If you happen to make any levels, post about it on the forums! or on the forums!

Also tell me how you found them